J.A. Bayona | 再创世纪 | Raindrops Keep season 02 episode 01
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The Purge (season 1)

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The Purge

3 episodes

The main characters of this series “Purga” live their life in a small American city. It would seem that their fates are not connected in any way, but soon details appear, hinting that the characters can have common ground. The mysterious savior somehow connects the heroes, and the past conceals a few more amazing secrets that will help the characters understand what to expect from a dark night that will instantly come to their life. Survival will not be simple, but only a correct understanding of each other’s role in destiny will help to save and save one’s neighbor.


Castle Rock (season 1)

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Castle Rock

10 episodes

Henry Deaver’s lawyer returns to his native fictional town of Castle Rock after a mysterious call from Shawshank prison. The caller informed him that the prisoner, accidentally found in the basement of the prison, named his name. The new director of this prison is ready to sacrifice a man to save her reputation and a large salary, and the former sheriff signs documents for the not quite adequate thinking mother of the protagonist. It is in this city in the eponymous series, that the decisive battle between the forces of darkness and light must take place, the outcome of which determines the fate of all mankind.


Fear the Walking Dead (season 4)

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Fear the Walking Dead

14 episodes

The new project “Fear the Walking Dead” shows the viewer where the zombie apocalypse began and how the virus originated. The action takes place in Los Angeles, in the center of the story instructor Travis and Madison Clark with two children – Nick and Ashley, they together try to escape from the surging world of madness. No one knows about the virus, it all starts with strange events happening all over the country – the authorities record cases of sudden attacks of people against each other, inexplicable outbursts of rage.


Upgrade (2018)

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The movie “Upgrade” immerses us in the atmosphere of the near future, where everything is full of new technologies and the prevalence of artificial intelligence. In these times, people have the opportunity to modify themselves, that is, to make a variant of symbiosis of biomechanics in the human body. But, the main character is a brutal man, not one of them at all. He seems to be avoiding innovation and modern trends. However, the terrible tragedy that has happened to his family forces him to reconsider his point of view and try out similar technologies on himself. But the very idea of symbiosis was good, when people with disabilities are given a “second chance”.


Ghoul (season 1)

1,759 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

The events of the new Indian TV series “Ghoul” are going on in the near future, joyless and paranoid. We are watching one state, in which the number one goal is to catch all the terrorists. And who are these terrorists – readers of forbidden literature, professors who lecture outside the program, or maybe residents of the districts under the hood – it does not matter. The idea of fear under the guise of security. The inexperienced negotiator arrives at a secret military base to talk to terrorists, where particularly dangerous criminals are held. But she did not expect who would be in front of her.


American Horror Story (season 8)

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American Horror Story

1 episodes

The new season of the terrific project “American Horror Story” will return in September of this year. The authors recently announced the main topic of the upcoming episodes. The plot of the project will take us to the events that will connect the story lines of past seasons, called “House-killer” and “Sabbath.” The rest of the details of the upcoming season actors and developers prefer to hide. Each new season of the “American Horror Story” is a separate story with its emotional and thematic implications. The eighth part, called “Apocalypse”, will become a long-awaited crossover, which will begin to connect the events of other seasons.


The Originals (season 5)

18,504 views Comments (0)

The Originals

13 episodes

“The Originals” is a story about the first-born vampires. Intrigues and the struggle for power are filled with the life of the ancient – a representative ancient vampire family. After returning to his native New Orleans, the ancients decided to end the conflict between local vampires, werewolves and witches and become the masters of the city. But any imbalance is fraught with consequences.


Ghost Stories (2018)

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Ghost Stories

In the plot of the movie “Ghost Stories”, we see a professor who fights against deception, exposing people who pretend that they have some magical abilities, like his idol once, who has disappeared somewhere. Once he receives a message from him and the hero has to fulfill an unusual request. This mysterious person suggests to Goodman to make a trip to him and learn about files that were considered hitherto unaccounted for and include information about three cases of incredible meetings people with ghosts.


Wellington Paranormal (season 1)

4,852 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The main characters of this series “Wellington Paranormal” – policemen from Wellington. They represent a special squad that does not chase criminals and does not conduct investigations. These characters are engaged in shadowing and uncovering the supernatural beings that inhabit the people. Their goals are vampires, zombies, werewolves, ghosts and many other horrible creatures living in New Zealand. True, it soon becomes clear that these unique creatures are nothing special from people, theye do not differ from us. They, like everyone else, get into the police station because of drunken debauches, bathing in fountains, traffic violations and much more!


Gary and his Demons (season 1)

2,938 views Comments (0)

Gary and his Demons

1 episodes

This is an animated comedy “Gary and his Demons,” in which the plot is twisted around a 45-year-old hero named Gary. He was tired. The hair on his head thinens, and he is just tried to catch his last demon to retire. Soon Gary learns that his boss can not find him a replacement, and the hero is forced to continue to fight with demons forever. This is his fate. He is elected, whether he likes it or not. In such a responsible job, Gary tempered his temper and became a hard bark, for this reason his wife left him. He has practically no friends, only partners in his work. He persuades himself that he does not need anyone and raises his mood with black humor.