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  • Clare

    Please can you advise – I would like to download Spartacus Vengeance episodes 1 – 6 and watch them on my tv – is this possible?


    Of course, it is possible. All episodes are available for download.

  • Jb7713

    what is almost the same as 90210


    Gossip Girl most similar to the TV series “90210”. Also, teen TV shows: Skins, Pretty Little Liars, Blue Mountain State, Glee, The Secret Circle, Jane By Design, Make It or Break It.

  • Moose

    just wanted to let you know and enquire as to why you write the season number before the word season? e.g 1 season…. the number should come after the word e.g. season 1, and season 2 etc.


    I know. Previously, another man wrote the posts.

  • carol

    can i download stuff here? please can someone give me easy instructions for a mac? i’m a bit stoopid ;-)


    hi, it’s simple. Click on the link “AsFile”. After that you choose for free download or you can buy a premium account and download at high speed. Try.

  • Cyberjunky

    Why are we being forced to leave comments? I actually enjoy the content on this site… Guy’s what the heck are you doing here…? I can not download any thing and the best part of it, I actually paid your vendors for access to the contenet.

    Please fix

  • Pippadavis

    just wondering when covert affairs season 3 episode 5 will be uploaded onto this site?



  • Kiran

    It would be great if we could log in and select series based on our likes and only see latest updates for those series. Can this be taken up by the site administrators?


    OK, I’ll think about how to do this.

  • Kiran

    Thank you for considering the idea, with the site growing at a fast pace and the number of series being added I am sure we will lose track of when a new episode was added. Appreciate the dedication the team has to deliver quality to its users!

  • Joannotto13

    how do i download from this site?. is it safe and how much do you pay to download one esp


    It’s safe. You can download for free at a slow speed or buy a premium account and download at high speed. I recommend to buy a Asfile or Uploaded premium account.

  • Joannotto13

    ok thank you at this time i will use the upload free download. I am just stupid how do i download. do i just choose what season and upload and push on free download and wait for it to download it out?. one last question supose it just takes megabites hey?.


    Sorry. I didn’t understand the question. Just click on the link any episode of the show. Next, choose a free download, wait several seconds and save to your computer.

  • Joannotto13


  • Joannotto13

    when i download form free download will i pay for that download i am from south africa and would really like to make use of this. please help me

  • Joannotto13

    clare maybe you can help i am stupid. how do i download to watch on my tv?. i will be using the free downloading one and do you pay for it. please help me?.


    No problem. Click on the link you want to download. I recommend Asfile or Uploaded. Then You may buy premium account for any period. This will give You high speed and no advertising.

  • Moose5267

    I tried to search for it, but couldnt find it… do you have or can you obtain any Red Dwarf X… the new series… I believe it is out now.??



  • Romilly

    I have bought a 48-hour premium account download. I am trying to download “girls” but it said I needed a codec. So I followed the instructions and I downloaded flip 4 Mac and DivX. Neither of them have made any difference and I still can’t download the program. I have Mac OS X version 10.7.4. Please help, is taking up too much time!


    try using VLC player

  • Lizbenitez73

    Episode 6 of Once Upon A Time and Mentalist – both have broken links and a 404 error when clicked on through Uploaded. Can you sort this out please?

  • Bill

    I have just explored your site and have joined up. Am greatly impressed with what you offer, but I can’t find your subscription options … how much? I’d like to join but you seem to be asking for the order.

  • Bill

    Sorry … that should read … “you DON’T seem to be asking for the order”.


    Sorry, but I don’t understand what you want.

  • -AMK-

    Great site, but uploads seem to have finished 4 days ago.  Is there a reason for this, or are you just taking a break ?


    There were problems, but now everything is OK.

  • Osciec

    I am having trouble signing up again for uploaded and Asfile does not work. Can you help.


    What kind of problems?

  • Davenjudy

    Downloaded a couple of movies but there was no sound?


    Check codecs. What kind of movies you have downloaded?

  • Davenjudy

     It was Ted which was a brrrip
    Also tried to download Sons of Anarchy season 5 eposide 13 and  after it had finished it popped up to say it wasn’t recognised and wasn’t in my download file.  I’ve download all the other episodes without a problem

  • Davenjudy

    I’ve been trying to download the last two days but everytime I do asfile it comes up after a couple of minutes that the session has timed out that asfile is busy I’ve never had this problem before.  Help

  • J_j_h_94

    HI. I’ve been having trouble with this too. They just take heaps of time to load and then say that it failed.


    If this is a free download, you need to wait a few times.

  • J_j_h_94

    With mine, the page for the download won’t even open. It just says it failed to open. And i have a premium account. Are the downloads unlimited? 


    Yes. Downloads are unlimited. What kind of file you can not open? TV show and episode?

  • Fritz1305

    I tried it again same problems here


    What kind of problems?

  • J_j_h_94

    About a month ago i had trouble signing into my account but that problem was fixed. This is the 3rd time this week that i tried to upgrade my account again and after “securing payment” when it gives me my code, when i enter it it is saying that it is invalid?? And i also don’t receive an email confirmation nor is the money being deducted from my account….help?


    The money from the account have removed or not?

  • J_j_h_94

    No it hasn’t. But the code it gives me doesn’t work.


    Which payment system do you use?

  • Nikki

    Hi there
    Can you please fix Hot in Cleveland Season 3

  • Debrus

    I’m having trouble accessing the latest postings on LoadTV. The last page that I can access is January 21st at 9:15 when Revenge was posted. I’m using safari. Is there any support you can provide?

  • Rory

    Hi, do these downloads work on mac because i downloaded an episode and it will not expand the zipped document. Is there some sort of trick to get around this?? please help 


    I have imac too. Install the program “BetterZip”.

  • Stuart

    having downloaded say 5 programes on premium account, my download speed has now dramatically reduced and often now the download dies…. is there a reason for this as I am becoming increasingly frustrated. i have checked with my isp who say nothing wrong my side.

  • Stuart

    i tried to download asfile. the mac open a new tab and then nothing.  this happens a lot and not just one program.  premium account holder….


    Which file? I’ll check.

  • Stuart

    whats the difference between asfile and uploaded.. apart from both want money.. thanks

  • Yandi

    I have registered for 1 month full subscription on asfile, after few files had finish downloaded, I can’t download another movie/film ? Is there like limitation for download or something ? And I also found that seemed my IP was blocked from downloading. Please help. My email is [email protected]. If there’s any additional information needed, contact me by e-mail. Thx


    You contact Asfile’s support?


    It’s just a different file sharing. Everyone decides for himself what file sharing is more convenient to use. For example, I have a premium account on both.

  • Yandi

    I haven’t contact them yet, but i found the problem. So there’s a limitation for downloading each day. I got 30Gb/day. Thanks :)

  • Dezorama

    can you please upload the australian tv series MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES   season 1 – 13 episodes
    thank you

  • W-O

    I am trying to buy premium for one year, using
    visa, my card is good I follow all the instruction but the payment is not going through, help.


    asfile or uploaded?

  • w-o

    asfile, returning customer also.


    What method you used for payment? Which country are you from? You contacted with Asfile’s support?

  • Crayroyal

    Hi, Dallas 2013, Episode 10 there are no file when download is completed. I downloaded from Asfile & Uploaded.


    This can not be. I checked. All files work. You unzip file?

  • nikitafan

    Can you kindly upload nikita season one please?

  • stu

    any chance of a season series of JERICHO please

  • Paulo Servilhano

    All download from asfile are slow. what’s happening?


    Yes, but in a few days.


    Ok, tomorrow.


    It’s Ok. I had no problems. In case of problems you can contact with Asfile’s support.

  • Hannahisabel

    When I try to open the saved file internet explorer opens multiple screens until I restart my computer.
    Any idea why this would be? How do get it to save as a file rather than internet link?


    Try to use other browsers, not Internet Explorer. For example, Google Chrome or Opera.

  • JT

    I would like to subscribe to your download site, but after trying three times, am now frustrated. Can you please email me with clear & concise detail, how to enroll & pay for twelve months of premium.
    Thank you.


    You have already solved this problem?

  • Rashmi Patel


    I am trying to download episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 9, but episodes 6 to 16 are deleted.

    Please make them available.


  • Ryan Turnbull

    Look out for the new aussie drama Wentworth… its awesome

  • karthigan

    Hi I have been trying to download once upon a time 2 , but the links seem dead, tried ep 1 to 6. Pls help to refresh the links.

  • Haylscat

    Veronica Mars please?

  • Diana

    Problems with the site today??? Or is it just me? I can’t get anything to download. Nutz

  • Nolstar10

    Just wondering is it possible to download a whole season or just one at a time? love this site by the way :)

  • trent

    whats going on with not being able to download using asfile? uploaded seems to be the only download company at the moment?

  • hadook

    As file server is down. Please advise.

  • Melissa

    Unable to download any of the asfile links, server down…





  • jiggy

    asfile is kinda crappy now!!! please find one more host server. sfshare is a good option or uploadboy!!! please please please PLEASE

  • Shane

    For Grimm season 1 none of the files for uploaded are working. I’ve contacted uploaded and they stated to contact you. Is there a way that this can be fixed?

  • Alan

    Do you have the BBC series “Call the Midwife”.?

  • dezorama

    any click to a link on uploaded for any tv show is giving this message with a new page

    Welcome to nginx!

    this is happening only on your site
    please advise
    thank you


    Hi, When did this happen?
    Can you take a screenshot and send it to me?

  • dezorama

    still happenning
    pfa image
    thank you

  • dezorama


    its happenning for mistresses/king & maxwell/longmire which were uploaded yesterday… just checked again, still there

    thank you


    What browser do you use? Try to open the link in another browser. When you click Asfile’ link, what happens?

  • dezorama

    i use chrome… asfile link is ok


    Try to use Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

  • dezorama

    all is working now… thank you
    can you please please repost mp4/avi on uploaded for ROME Season 2
    thank you

  • Guest


  • master_web


  • frieda

    i m a premium account holder but when I try to download one movie for 1.75gb it will take 11 hours which I don’t even manage to finish in a day, please what must I do.


    What movie? Asfile or uploaded?

  • frieda

    trying to download revenge it takes two hours and a movie a good day to die hard and parker each takes 10 hours.

  • frieda

    I guess I have to cancel my account because this is even worse and I have to say I ve wasted my money since I have not downloaded anything at all, everything is just impossible.

  • jesse

    Just wondering when will Dexter Season 8 be available? How long after it airs in US?

  • master_web

    1 episode will be accessible on July, 1.

  • Wayne

    Hi there,
    The files for episodes 8, 9 10 and possibly the others don’t exist for Castle and the first episodes for NCIS LA as well. I haven’t tried downloading all the episodes as I stopped after a few of them don’t work, there could be others.

  • Tai

    Why does it when I download a file always say that it’s got a virus?

  • Alp

    Just wondering when will Breaking Bad be available?

  • mary

    Hi. Downloaded on my samsung tabled but it doesnt want to play?????


    Try to install the VLC player. You need to played back on the tablet format .avi.

  • Mary

    Okay, thanks. Will try

  • Alp

    Just wondering when will Breaking Bad be available?



  • Bill

    Is it possible to make The Sopranos available?

  • Alp

    I don’t see it. New season is not uploaded. season almost done. :-(

  • Lee

    Why have u stopped uploading to as file? :(

  • DEZ

    Hi, I am from Singapore, and I am new to this. I’m looking for a place to download tv shows and movies legally. I hope not to offend. Is this a website I can use to do that? Please let me know

  • ree

    i have been abe to download for a while now but all of a sudden it keeps taking me to the payment page, I just brought another 3 months worth, but I believe now my other code hadn’t expired. can you tell me why this might be happening and how I fix it, cheers.

  • Gunawan Wu

    How to stop asfile premium from autodebet?

  • brez_84

    Hi – just wondering if there is a problem with ASfile? It keep saying the web page doesn’t exist? I’m hoping it is just down as I have a paid membership x

  • robmc36

    Same as brez. what’s happening?

  • robmc36

    Hi, still getting “This page can’t be displayed” forAsfile.
    Just renewed. What do I do?

  • Ganeshen Mahalingam

    I am unable to download parts of many series. I am getting the file has been deleted in the asfile site due to reason “Abuse”. I don’t know why?

  • Ganeshen Mahalingam

    What do I do?

  • Danny

    My friend let me give you a small advice.

    In the first place adverts in Cyrillic
    will not make you too much money since the entire website is in English so
    should be adverts.

    Then when comes to adverts them self
    you have to make sure they are not too much in your face but blending in smoothly.
    Especially those inside post are rather annoying what will trigger opposite
    effect that you wish.

    And while you are advertising already
    then choose subject that is worth advertising not just any crap. Do your research
    first to discover what it is that your visitors are interested about and use
    this knowledge to look for relevant product or service to advertise.

    As an example I am coming to your
    website to download movies so I am not interested in money making programs but maybe
    I could use video converting software so I could convert downloaded movie in too
    .mp4 iPhone friendly format.

    And this is how you make money.

  • Trave1971

    Hi can I download a tv show to an apple device?

  • Kylie Kimberley

    How do I play MKV files on Mac??? Why have they changed them from AVI files?

  • Kurtcito

    Looking for A Madea Christmas 2013 (Tyler Perry) any idea when it may be available?

  • steve wonder

    I have invested in Uploaded account so I could download tv series but now at all is useless because you are to lazy to code links. How does it make you feel like. Are you proud of yourself. It looks to me as you don’t care about us is that because you have made enough money.

  • argos5420

    What happened to Uploaded? It is a very reliable site and efficient. You have not answered steve wonder about hi query, so I suppose that I will never get one mine. Also how do I register?

  • nick perrett

    love the site but as i download alot of shows would it be possible to put a air date next to the programme so i know im downloading the right one. cheers

  • pjm

    There are no new uploads now for 2 days. Can you advise please?

  • pjm

    Can you answer why there are no new TV show uploads?


    sorry, had technical problems. everything is good

  • Addisca

    What ‘s happened to AsFile? I can’t download anything and I’ve paid for three months. What gives?


    Try again, please

  • adonis

    hi guys. where is the new Game of thrones? Season 4? we have been waiting for it like crazy. the 00 episode has been aired since 6th Feb but yet it hasn’t been uploaded :(

  • brez_84

    Do you have the earlier seasons of The Mentalist? Season 1 – 3

  • tobyota

    Looks as though all the AsFile downloads have been marked as “Abuse” and deleted. Is my joy gone for good? I hope not!!

  • Stff Master

    mostly all your as file and keep2share files are deleted ….plse change your sharing mode

  • rj

    Please fix new girl season 3 asfile links all show deleted

  • TC

    Thanks for your fantastic work. TC from Germany

  • ER

    I cannot download anything today. Anything wrong?

  • fridolin

    Thanks for your excelent work. But your RSS Feed seems to be broken. Would you please take a look at it. Kind regards

  • Khopwood

    Every movie link says not found! not impressed, what is the problem please?

  • nez1

    Downloads cannot be completed, WHY?

  • Aaron Overington

    Hey! This new CloudFlare thing has screwed all the AsFile downloads for the last 2 days… whats going on?

  • karthigan

    hi there, I cant seem to download any of the series, and all says “401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid”. I have posted this on many of the series especially “The tomorrow people”. I have already tried clearing the cache and temporary files. I also tried firebox browser. I even tried on my smartphone. Nothing seems to fix the problem. I never had the problem with uploaded. When you switched to keep2share, I started to have this problem. Can you tell me how to solve this problem, I have a one year subscription until end of 2014 .


    Hi, You have keep2share year subscription?
    Give an example of the show? What episode?

  • karthigan

    Yes, I have a one year subscription for keep2share. The tomorrow people ep18, arrow season 2 ep18, revenge s3 ep 17.


    I checked. All the links are displayed correctly. Asfile’ links The tomorrow people ep18, arrow season 2 ep18, revenge s3 ep 17 display correctly?

  • karthigan

    Then what’s the problem? The links seem to display ok, but when you click on the link it shows “401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid”. Maybe something wrong with your server at your end? keep2share maybe something wrong? mine is a premium keep2share account.


    I have a premium keep2share account too. I have no problems with the download. You wrote to tech support?

  • karthnigan

    Strange I just checked, Under used traffic for today, 3.7GB of data has been downloaded. But the issue here is I have not been downloading anything for the past few days. Could my account be hacked?


    I made ??a request to support. Here is their response:
    “401 Unauthorized: Temp URL invalid” when trying to download
    Your service provider constantly changing your IP address and our security system reacts as if your account was hacked and blocks the link.
    We recommend to use VPN such as: (has a free plan), (Have to buy) it is working good and easy to use.
    Also using a Public Proxy Server (e.g. might resolve this problem. Proxy setting can be defined under your browser network or LAN settings.

  • craigyboy

    just tried to register but password was sent wont work

  • HHyde

    What is going on, I get

    Checking your browser before accessing

    This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.

    Please allow up to 5 seconds…

    But never get past this for ASfiles, other day just hung when I tried to access happening to anyone else?


    Don’t worry. This is protection against DDoS attacks. You wait for 5 seconds and then you can use Asfile normally.

  • brez_84

    Hi – is it possible to get season 1-3 of Damages and Season 1 of Rizzoli and Isle please? Thank you

  • Pravin

    House of Lies S02E12, Crisis S01E03, Crisis S01E04, Big Bang Theory S07E19, Big Bang Theory S07E20 cannot write file when downloading from keep2share premium. Help


    fixed, try again please

  • Pam

    Hi there
    Is it possible to get the 80’s series magnum pi

  • Terence Douglass

    Ben and Kate is no longer available from correct?

  • juely28

    I am a premium member paid monthly US12.95. I am thinking to upgrade my membership package. Pls adivse how to process it. And pls check my remain days for current running package as well. Thank you.

  • no subtitles

    where are the subtitles on braquo


    You can contact to Asfile support.

  • Moose

    I think you might need to update tv shows you have at the top of the page… Spartacus.. GoT 3, Arrow S1, Revolution S1, GoT S2.. all way out of date…


    Ok, I’ll do it soon.

  • Darren Rees

    Dexter Series 7 is unable to be downloaded!!!??? Reason given due to ‘abuse’. Can you please fix this? Hanging out to see what happens in Dexter.

  • master_web


  • Darren Rees

    Unable to download episode 11 of series 6 of Dexter. Says it is unavailable due to ‘abuse’. can you please fix his. thanks, Darren

  • master_web


  • Shane

    Trying to purchase a movie guys, but this new pay system is not great!! Been on the the Payeer site and nothing is working. please send me additional information on an easier way to a direct payment option because everything was fine before , now its all messed up! please help, unless you guys don’t want my money.

  • urbanartist

    Can you please reup the first 8 series of NCIS which seem to have disappeared – I too also cannot get a account so have bought the other keepshare but it loses files too quickly and you get a lot of file removed – I see on the tv side you use uploaded which I find is a very reliable site.

  • tracert

    stargate atlantis 720p on keep2share would be nice


    Unfortunately, this series is not available on the site.

  • Roland

    not having my password sent to me


    What password? Keep2share, Asfile or Publish2?

  • Willb

    Hi guys, any chance of fixing Arrow Series 2 Episode 16? File size is only 166MB. Have downloaded it twice, incomplete file. Thanks

  • master_web

    You loading not fully file, I checked – and get size 339 MB. Try again load.

  • Pavelow

    Are you having problems with your servers? I started having issues yesterday. Unable to connect to your server to download. I can get to the DL page but when I attempt to DL it says it can’t connect to server. Thanks…


    What do you mean? No access to the Asfile, K2S or Publish?

  • Pavelow

    Asfile. It seems to be going up and down.


    They lead the technical work on the implementation of payment systems. Everything will be ok soon.

  • Pavelow

    I’m not asking about the payment system. The links to the AsFiles are not connecting. I keep getting unable to connect to server.

  • Maica

    How can I get a premium membership for Publish2 or Asfile by using a Visa or MasterCard credit card?????????????????????

  • Maica

    Not even can get it by making a phone call!!!! Cam’on!!


    Visa and MasterCard will be available September 1-2 Asfile. Unfortunately Publish2 has some problems with payment methods. They will fix it soon.

  • brez_84

    Hi, is it possible to get season 1 and 2 of Parenthood please?

  • izeak

    can you
    fix all the link of keep2share

  • master_web

    What series you can’t get?

  • pete

    Season 2 – Real Humans – No downloads available – Can you fix please? AsFile Premium account not working.

  • Baxter

    Can you please upload Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 2012
    to Keep2Share.Thank you for helping

  • Pavelow

    Are you still using TeraFile? If yes, please start including links to all the new shows. Thanks

  • master_web

    No, because this file sharing is bankrupt. We have to stop the cooperation with them.

  • kelly

    Could you please upload episodes of Instant Mom, See Dad Run, The Haunted Hathaways and Total Divas?

  • SavvyCatt

    How do I download directly to my computer desktop ? Can it be done from this stie ?


    Of course. You can download free with slow speed or buy a premium account and download with high speed.

  • allan

    You don’t have Top Chef on this site, but can you make top chef season 12 available for keep2share?

  • jb

    Can I upload the james brown movie

  • Hi there.

    I have recently started downloading the rest f Witches Of East End Season 2. I have found that episodes 9-13 are no longer available to download on any of the links (Terafile, Keep2Share etvc).

    Please re-upload those episodes, this is the only website where the files are not available.


  • ghost

    i just wanted to reinstate my K2S account, but its a new site that i’m being redirected. It’s VIP-KEYS ….i heard bad stuff bout that site

  • ghost

    and now if I choose to pay with Visa, there is always a popup for google wallet :( ….the whole payment method must be fixed!

  • JQ

    Hello – the asfile links for White Collar season 3, season 4, season 5 and season 6 are all deleted because of abuse. can you please reload all of them? thanks!

  • Shane

    How long before new movies uploaded?

  • dzznik

    have the movie links being taken down?? can’t seem to find any

  • john othman

    where did the movies go?

  • rodney

    Could someone tell me were the movies on the home page has gone

  • pjm

    Can you restore the movie links please?

  • Jane

    Do you no longer have the movies to download?

  • JBP

    where’s the movies

  • Busman

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the Movies Please

  • AA

    where are the movies ……. seems no reply from admin?

  • steve

    will the movie downloads be returning or have they been removed permanently.

  • Sal

    Are you able to get Dance Moms?

  • pjm

    Can you answer about the movies?

  • RO

    Dedicated Fan of your Site. Bought Lifetime sub to Keep2Share because of it. – Lately though, you’re redirecting links through RapidSky, which totally broke my Download manager/accelerator.
    (DAP) Is there a reason for this change? DL take 4x now, kinda bites.

  • RO

    Does anyone monitor these? haven’t seen responses to any posts for 2 months

  • Chris

    Are the movies coming back?

  • Dang Tah

    movies section? what happend

  • KJH710

    where have the movies gone

  • ciara

    can you tell me where you’re hiding Madam Secretary on CBS? I found one link through the CBS archive that’s an error 404 and nothing else. The season resumed on Jan 4. It’d also be nice if there was an easier way to send these messages now as many seem to be going ignored. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Kinder

    ok i paid for 30 days how come i cant sign in with my email and pw

  • emeritus903

    I’m still having problems with the TV series listing. The new format doesn’t appear to have all the series. eg clicking on ‘H’ doesn’t show House of Cards, (although using the search facility shows it). The old scheme did show it

  • emeritus903

    Likewise Constantine doesn’t show under ‘C’. It only seems to show the first few. How can I see all the TV serials for each letter?

  • fj098

    What do you mean?

  • emeritus903

    It’s now been fixed, but when I wrote that message, clicking on the letters A,B,C etc to show the TV serials, only showed the first few eg the C’s didn’t show as far as Constantine. As I say all is ok now & all the entries appear to be shown

  • moondancer75

    Dear Admin,
    Please check all the Keep2Share downloads for BONES season 6, all the files have been removed, please check and fix it, thanks!!

  • ebrahim

    hi admin
    can you please put up the hobbit battle of the five armies up.

  • Phil McGregor

    Warning – I have been using ASFile as you suggest on your website and twice in the last 8 weeks there have been fraudulent transactions on the Credit Card that I used to pay for a month’s subscription with them.

    The first time was for almost $6000, but it wasn’t immediately obvious where the fraud originated. The second time, this evening, less than an hour ago, was on the card issued to replace the first one that was cancelled.

    There has been exactly ONE transaction on it.

    With ASFile.

    So, after speaking with the Fraud Department at my Bank they have, for a second time, cancelled that card AND stated that the ONLY explanation is the obvious one … either ASFile’s security is compromised OR, well, I think you can guess the other possibility.

    Anyone who has been using ASFile should carefully check their Credit Card transactions and, if you’ve had to cancel that card recently, then you can be pretty sure where the problem is

  • fj098

    Write to tech support ASFile

  • Phil McGregor

    Done. Not that their response indicates any real concern. Head in sand, in effect. Be warned!

  • ciara

    Any chance of getting the new miniseries Wolf Hall here? Thx!

  • Aaron Overington

    Hi, been trying to download a number of episodes of different things through Asfile over the past 2 days but they all fail with ‘
    This page has been expired. Please refresh a page and try to download once again.’ Have cleared cache & history in Chrome and also used a different browser, same thing though. Thoughts?

  • fj098

    Link series ??

  • Aaron Overington

    not sure what you mean…..

  • fj098

    What problem do you have?

  • Redundant

    I think your site is excellent, outstanding in fact, so there is one question I have for you, why use three of what seems to be the worst download providers in the history of man?
    ASFile wouldn’t let me even get a 30 day account, though having read some of the comments below that’s probably a good thing. KEEP2SHARE I tried for 30 days, not a single download worked via download manager, and direct downloads constantly failed, although that didn’t stop them deducting the failed downloads from the download limit.
    Now I am trying PUPLISH2ME, and if possible it’s worse than Keep2Share, tonight I have used over 5GB trying to download one file, I still don’t have the file. According to Publish2Me it will take 13 minutes to download, according to my download folder the first failed attempt took 20 minutes, the second current attempt shows 32 minutes remaining.

    Well done on a great, great site, any chance at all you might apply similar greatness to your download provider choices?

  • brez_84

    Hi – I recently renew my 1 year membership of Asfile because I have been using it on here and now you have suspended use I had over 300+ days left of. Also, Publish and Keep2share are two of the slowest providers in history. Will you be introducing others soon? I have been using this website for over a year now and this is the first time I have had any problems. Help!

  • Naresh

    Publish and Keep2share are 2 of the slowest provider I’ve ever dealt with, Also it only lets 1 download at a time per IP address, so using a wireless router with a single IP but multiple devices sucks.
    If someone else is downloading on the same local network no-one else cant download untill they are finish. ASFile was working well

  • Phil McGregor

    As much as I love your service, I cannot continue to use it. LITERALY cannot. Both the prepaid VISA card and the low value regular VISA card I have for paying online due to the security issues with ASFile keep on getting rejected as ‘Fraud Control’ … on both Keep2Share and Publish2Me … since they seem to be using the same Credit Card processor. Frankly, after the double attempt to defraud my regular card by ASFile (or whomever may have hacked them, if anyone did), there is no way whatsoever I will use my regular Credit Cards with either alternative … so I won’t be using you until you get a provider who can take such cards.

  • shane

    Hey can someone fix my subscription, it keeps saying 401 error, FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!

  • gypsy211

    we purchased 30day premium from keep2share last night and keep getting error 401 message.. seems they are happy to take our money but cant be bothered to help their customers when things go wrong like not being able to download anything.. their responce was “contact loadtv we are only a file sharing service”

  • brez_84

    I’m confused by your statement (I spoke to Asfile and they aren’t closing etc. What have you stopped working with them? I love your site, but with poor file sharing providers its making it impossible to keep using. Please address.- File sharing service AsFile terminates their existance. As we were informed, the files will be available for a few days and then are going to be deleted. We get known about it through the administration of AsFile.

  • Albert Maestro

    We are from Rapidshare Indonesia would like be part of storage for this movie and it will permanent link with us, so the rules as your wish will become, please reach me more detail and I also sent you email. Thank you

  • armia

    can I find the ocean movies here? ocean’s 11, 12 and 13

  • moondancer75

    Dear Admin,
    Please check all the Keep2Share downloads for BONES season 9, all the files are gone, please check and fix it, thanks!!

  • Ryan Turnbull

    Hey LoadTV can you please start using Nitro Flare to replace asfile Please it was easier when loadtv and load movie matched up…. Please fix use NitroFlare!!!!!

  • greshwin

    I realise you will delete this message but before you do, can I please ask why you choose you use file sharing websites (including the new one Nitroflare) that do not offer subscription payments via PayPal? The ones you use have received poor reviews and are listed as high risk sites that want people’s credit card details. PayPal is widely used worldwide and is very secure and a safe method of paying online and there are plenty of file sharing websites that accept PayPal. It’s as though you are making a conscious effort to avoid PayPal permitting sites. Why? Personally, I have had my identity stolen and my credit card fraudulently used a number of times, so I do not trust ANY site that wants my direct card details.

  • mamo

    update k2s links!

  • bill

    Please get rid of k2c as they are capping the amount I download with a premium account. I cc you in on the mail I sent to them.

  • Person

    I notice that many of the files I download from here say they are corrupted or unplayable on Sony Blu-Ray players and the Xbox 360. I’ve very rarely had this problem with files from other places. Gotham worked fine, but Castle almost never does. Any idea why?

  • emeritus903

    Most of your .avi downloads are directly playable on a (xvid), DVD Player, but some use other codecs, (usually fmp4) & so are not. Conversion is no big deal, but it would be great if you could use xvid throughout. Anyone else interested in this?

  • Person

    Yes! It’s a pain to have to convert so many things when I just want to watch them.

  • kt-claire

    Suits season 3 links arent’ working?

  • Compliant

    There has been minimal movies recently. Can you try to load new movies instead of waiting once a month to load up?

  • guest

    Umm, where did the Nitroflare links go? I got a new account and then you stopped loading.

  • Phil McGregor

    None of the current download sources work with VISA. NONE of them. They are ALL rejected as SECURITY RISKS … I tried all of the low value VISA cards I have, and all kicked up ‘fraud control’ as a rejection, so I checked with the providers … ALL of your download sources are regarded as nothing more than major fraud risks. Just like ASFile was. You seriously need to find someone who is NOT a fraud magnet if you want my business.

  • John Macnamara

    Joined today [email protected]…… etc received email confirming new a/c but cannot log in.

  • bill

    Over the weekend I had false transactions on credit card and had to close the account. The only dodgy transactions I had was the subscription to k2s. So people do not use their services as they are selling your information. A company called DDITSERVICES tried to access my account for the tune of a few thousand rand. They seem to be based in Luxemborg and I in South Africa. Beware People k2s is a scam…..

  • Allan

    Hi, your reference to Bosch Series 1 episode 10 has a code error that needs correction please. Link not working.

  • AndreC

    Hi there LoadTV, would it be possible to upload The O.C (S01-05), please. much appreciated.

  • james

    what happened to asfile and if it shut down will i be able to find a website that allows me to ltv and other sites?

  • Hadook

    the keep2share links do not open. any idea?

  • Sandy

    does anyone know how to sign into an individual account? I would like to change my service type? Thank

  • Willie

    I wanted to support the site so I paid for a year of ASfile and a month later it was gone, and I don’t have no compensation for it .

  • Sarelseekat

    When I try to download a file through my keep to share account, add pages come up when it take me to the keep2share login screen. Any idea when this will be rectified? I also suddenly seem to be logged out at random times which kills any downloads I had going.

  • KJH

    Is it possible to have the series critical uploaded?

  • David

    Sorry LoadTV, not loving the new links. Seems I remember you did a pole on who liked the old way and who like the new suggestion and I thought seemed at least 3 to 1 people said they liked the old links.

    New ones too hard to read, keep track of lines. For my vote, go back.

    If asking for other shows, more of the Marvel/DC Animation

  • Joseph

    All 3 of your site links now take me to capcha pages that NEVER approve, even though I enter the correct capchas! It started with NitroFlare but as of today they are all giving me a capcha page!

  • Amanda

    Are we able to get more reliable download sites? I am with K2S, but it’s unbelievably slow – I just cancelled the episode I have been trying to download for over 9 hours, & this a long way from the first time. I try to check out the other partner sites & I get redirected to some very dodgy looking places. I’ve now downloaded my ep from Kickass, & it took less than 10 mins. I’m starting to think I’m better off just using torrents & bypassing you guys.

  • Amanda

    Now, since I recently renewed with K2S I’ve been hit by credit card fraud! I will not be using them again.

  • Amanda

    Just happened to me also. Will not be renewing here.

  • malex

    hello! the hbo series Bored to Death, you have only season 3. can you upload the other 2 seasons?

  • carolyn sharwood

    have tried to download this three times the sound is out of wack in every one what is going on

  • rodney