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Take Two (season 1)

4,113 views Comments (0)

Take Two

13 episodes

Sam – a former TV star, experiencing a serious career crisis. Her only chance to return to the top of the glory is a potentially very successful role in the upcoming detective series. To enter the image, the heroine of the series “Take Two” is forced into assistant to private detective Eddie. Newly mated partners first get along badly with each other, but gradually Eddie realizes that Sam’s acting skills are quite applicable in his difficult work.


Quantico (season 3)

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13 episodes

The new season of the “Quantico” series will continue to devote us to the nuances of training recruits who arrived at the Quantico base in Virginia, Miranda Shaw, the head of the base, suspects that among the recruits there is a terrorist involved in one of the most notorious terrorist attacks in US history. Identifying a hidden terrorist among a group of FBI academics in Quantico was not an easy task, to establish his identity, the US intelligence services are hammering out to various methods, but so far all attempts have been unsuccessful.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season 5)

19,183 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

Before you there is the fifth season of the American science fiction series “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” with the participation of various heroes of comics Marvel. This season promises interesting clashes of one of the most organized groups in the fight against crime with representatives of the criminal world. The main characters are real professionals. Each of them performs a certain task. At the head of the department is Phil Colson, an experienced and confident man. With him there are real masters in various fields of knowledge and skills. So, the team has a pilot, May, who fights superbly, as well as agent Ward, capable of proving clever spy affairs. The team also once joined the engineer Fitz for a long time, as well as the biochemist Simmons and the hacker from the god Sky. This team continues its activities around the world, which will surely bear fruit and provide security for ordinary people who dream of peace throughout the world.


Nashville (season 6)

24,661 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

Nashville is the place where the whole country music industry is concentrated. The main character of the television series “Nashville”, Raina James – the famous country star, selling millions of albums and heading the top of the charts, which in her 40 began to lose fame. Producers offer her to go on tour with a rising star, but not-talented Juliet Barnes. All this takes place against the backdrop of the pre-election race in which Raina’s powerful father, Lamar Hampton, who once forced her to marry his protege Teddy Conrad, who currently resides with Raina’s money, will take part.


The Crossing (season 1)

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The Crossing

11 episodes

In a small American town, standing on the shore of the ocean, there is a shocking event – the waves carried out a lot of dead bodies. But there are also survivors. They told that they came from a distant future – 23 centuries. Back in the past they were made by a war in their time. Their goal is to change the course of history. In the series “The Crossing” there is incredibly beautiful nature with an icy ocean, centuries-old pines, neat fishing lodges and wooden taverns.


Deception (season 1)

4,143 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Cameron Black is the most great illusionist in the history of mankind — he appears in epicenter of the juicy scandal as a result of which his career suffers crash. Worse than that, Cameron has all bases to believe that the event wasn’t accident. However, life on it doesn’t come to an end. Thanks to extraordinary abilities once star conjurer becomes the consultant of FBI. The hero of series “Deception” should solve a set of the unusual crimes, to catch the most imperceptible criminals and also to find out who has destroyed his career.


The Middle (season 9)

10,833 views Comments (0)


24 episodes

The plot of the series “The Middle” is based on the story of a simple American family belonging to the so-called middle class. Hacks almost do not differ from the average American family, although their financial well-being leaves much to be desired. Parents, Mike and Frankie are trying to ensure a decent future for their three children. But at the same time, all members of the family constantly fall into ridiculous and comical situations. This series is about unrealistic expectations and insane ideas, about everyday failures and tiny joys of the wife and mother of three unusual kids. (more…)

Splitting Up Together

8 episodes

In the center of the comedy series is the story of a married couple, Lena (Jenna Fischer) and Martin (Oliver Hudson). The couple realized that love had faded and the family life had come to its finale. Therefore, the inevitable event was a divorce. To the surprise of the former husband and wife, parting led to the fact that their relationship became even brighter and more harmonious than during the marriage. The American series “Splitting Up Together” is an adaptation of the Danish series of the same name.


Roseanne (season 10)

7,714 views Comments (0)


9 episodes

The series “Roseanne” is a continuation of the legendary sitcom of the same name, which appeared on TV screens in 1988-1997 and received dozens of various awards. In the center of the story is the everyday life of the most ordinary Americans, representatives of the working class – the Conner family. Every day they quarrel, make peace, get into various troubles and help each other out of them. Solve family problems and support the household in any situation – the main task of the matriarch of the family, the laughter – Roseanne.


For the People (season 1)

3,160 views Comments (0)

For the People

10 episodes

This is a very unusual series “For the People”, which tells about the events unfolding in the walls of one of the largest courts in New York. We leave with you to the south of this huge city. Here in the local courtroom face to face the best lawyers! Outstanding lawyers, cunning prosecutors, judges who understand what is happening is not worse than the participants in the case. However, among this elite there are also young lawyers who are gaining experience, not speaking in the biggest cases on the side of defense and on the side of the prosecution. However, soon they will get the affairs of their entire lives, able to determine how the career of these young and, undoubtedly gifted young people will develop.